The Fresh Start Mission

To restore Men to Dignity, Productivity and Responsibility; to remove unhoused Veterans from the streets or habitation unfit for humans and unworthy of their sacrificial service; to turn their despair into hope and optimism; to rebuild their self-respect and self-esteem while facilitating improvement of their overall health and housing situation.

The Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start is a community-based transitional living program designed to assist unhoused Veterans and other Men in the San Francisco Bay Area who are suffering from substance use disorder and other self-destructing habits or who simply need a fresh start in life.
Fresh Start has helped 100’s of unhoused veterans with emergency housing services to stabilize their health and housing while preparing them for independent living, so they can once again become economically self-sufficient members of the community.
Metropolitan Fresh Start Building
Our around-the-clock staff manages the house, including food preparation and cleaning services. The program provides full case management service for each Veteran as they work through a structured regiment including Peer Counseling services, Recovery Education, Relapse Prevention, Applied Recovery, and Processing groups all designed to motivate, build self-worth and instill hope daily.
The program is presently housed in the Sunset District of San Francisco, CA and serves the San Francisco Bay Area community.
Our accommodations afford each veteran/client a safe, secure, and caring place to call home - their own bed, laundry facilities, personal space for storage and more than adequate bathroom accommodations, as well as a kitchen providing space for their individual food items and three complete professionally prepared meals daily.

Our Philosophy

Meeting at Fresh Start
Our philosophy is based on the therapeutic relationship between an individual participant and the community group. While specific attention is given to participants according to their individual needs, the emphasis is on group dynamics. The purpose is to prepare men for independent living through an evidence-based social model program where the emphasis is on learning by experiencing, and by providing positive role models through staff and volunteers.


Our Initiative

“We will provide new help for unhoused Veterans because those heroes have a home – it’s the country they served, the United States of America.”
— President Obama (March 2009)

View of Metropolitan Fresh Start Building
In 2013 The Metropolitan Fresh Start House (MFSH) partnered with the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs to address their priority initiative to Prevent and End Homelessness among our Veterans. Through the VA’s Health Care for Homeless Veterans Contractor Emergency Residential Services program (HCHV-CERS), “Fresh Start” provides transitional living services to unhoused Veterans in a safe, residential environment with enough supportive services to meet their basic needs and facilitate the improvement of their health. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the VA through the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center as we labor to get our Veterans off the streets and into caring surroundings worthy of the sacrifice they made for our country.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs and our federal and local partners should be proud of the gains made reducing Veterans’ homelessness, but so long as there remains a Veteran living on our streets, we have more work to do.”
— VA Secretary Robert McDonald (August 2014)

Our Beginnings

The Metropolitan Fresh Start House program was founded October 1, 1989, and has grown phenomenally in quality and quantity of services for clients.
The original group of Fresh Start volunteers believed that no matter what the circumstance, people could change if they could rally the community to work together in concert to provide the love, support and encouragement needed to rebuild the lives of people broken down by life's circumstances.
They also believed that they could make a large dent in the devastation brought on by the proliferation of drugs in low-income and socio-economically underserved communities. Fresh Start then collaborated with other community-based organizations such as Visitacion Valley Job and Employment Training, as well as mental health and detoxification organizations, medical clinics, and the Veterans Administration to insure the best possible support for its clients.
The words of Sir. Winston Churchill, “Never has so much been expected of so few,” have been the embodiment of the efforts of those few Metropolitan Fresh Start House volunteers. The gracious monetary contributions of thousands of Christian individuals, Churches and small businesses across the nation have kept Fresh Start’s doors open through tough times and allowed for growth and expansion of services for over three decades.

Our Founder

Kinwood Devore
Kinwood H. DeVore has counseled addicts and their families for more than 30 years. He served as Chaplain for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office at Santa Rita Jail for seven years; five of those years as Supervising Chaplain. His position involved managing more than 300 volunteers from many different religious faiths to work together as a team to share a general message with the inmates that might cause them to never again return to custody.
As a Minister and motivational speaker Mr. DeVore has presented to audiences all over the United States. He has been a gospel minister for over 45 years, including the Metropolitan Church of Christ, a church that has received more than 40 awards for gang diffusion and for curbing the dropout rate among high school and middle school students in San Francisco during the 1990s.
Mr. DeVore, along with the members of the Metropolitan Church of Christ, started the Metropolitan Fresh Start House in 1989, which is now an independent non-profit organization.
Mr. DeVore grew up in San Francisco where he attended elementary, junior high, and high school, as well as City College of San Francisco where he was a track star. He moved to the East Bay where he graduated from the Bay Area School of Religion in 1974. From there he moved to Southern California, where he worked as Minister of Evangelism for the Inglewood Church of Christ, then as Preacher and Minister for the West Adams Church of Christ in Los Angeles. He returned to his beloved San Francisco in 1988, for one reason: to save lives. He founded the Metropolitan Church of Christ which after 25 years merged with the Bayview Church of Christ in San Francisco.


For 32 Years Metropolitan Fresh Start House has been saving hundreds of lives… Will you help us to save hundreds more?

Testimonials will be posted soon . . .


Although there are many worthwhile community-based organizations that are working to improve the quality of life in inner-city communities, many programs have been forced to drastically reduce services or completely shut down due to government cutbacks; however, in spite of these government cutbacks, the MFSH Board of Trustees, volunteers and people like YOU, have stepped in to fill the void with generous donations.
Please support these efforts by donating today.
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